Commercial planning


Pharlytics® (NHS UK) solves the problem of tracking drug formulary and prescribing guidance status by primary care organisations and hospital trusts. Our algorithms monitor over 300 information resources and track drug status changes for all items listed on all formularies.
We also provide the next formulary review dates, enabling your team to focus on the specific conversation priorities needed to influence positive local decisions.. 


Say goodbye to subjective evaluations and hello to data-driven decision making. Introducing our powerful scoring tool RankX- the ultimate solution for objective and consistent evaluation of your HCOs and HCPs. With our scoring tool, you can prioritise, target/segment healthcare professionals and organisations   quickly and easily, using a range of customisable criteria to ensure accuracy and precision

Commercial Data

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, expand into new markets, or stay ahead of the competition, our Pharma commercial data supply can provide you with the data, insights and intelligence you need to succeed.
Our data supply offers a comprehensive database of pharmaceutical industry information like HCPs, HCOs, and Pharmacy details, including sales figures, market trends, formulary guidance, and competition analysis. But, sometimes, the data you have is just not detailed enough! We fill the void with bespoke research to fill data gaps, generate new data-rich insights, and solve business problems across European markets. Additionally, with our independent data partners, we provide integrated solutions for our customers.

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