Salesforce effectiveness

Know your key account manager and MSL activities. measure the KPIs like call rate, call volume, coverage, frequency, field days etc. Monitor plan vs actual KPI value, calculate your bonus amount, analyse the territory sales performance vs activities. Monitor adoption pathways and much more.

Brick data analysis

Map the brick sales to the physical territory, monitor your brand performance and compare with competing brands, know your brand’s local performance vs national. Measure your sales KPIs like market share change, variance, evolution index, penetration index etc. Geo analysis of the HCP, HCO and pharmacy location with sales value

HCO and HCP segmentation

Know your target hospitals, GP practices and pharmacies along with their corporate structure, rule-based prioritisation of hospitals and pharmacies to target. Segment your healthcare professionals by speciality, by key opinion leaders, by affiliation, by behaviour etc. Geo-mapping of HCOs and HCPs to facilitate planning

Commercial planning

Enrich the commercial planning process by multidimensional analysis of demographic, economic and healthcare data, analyse the population data by age, gender, profession, race etc. Analyse the proposed territories, healthcare organisations and professionals, plan your sales structure, coverage and headcount along with success KPIs.

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Formulary Analytics

Power your market access and sales strategy by analysing the formulary status and guidance. Redesign and enhance your communication to a targeted audience. Know your competition brands, targeted primary and secondary care organisations, patient flow and many more.

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