Multichannel SFE analytics

Our advanced analytics platform and visualisation dashboards inform sales, commercial, and market access teams with performance analytics to optimise team performance and maximise outcomes. We monitor and track over 60 KPIs combined with your business rules to optimise performance.


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Sales analytics

Geo-mapping of sales performance KPIs together with segmentation, SFE and local insights provide your teams with 36o-degree monitoring of brand and competitor performance. Also, measure and monitor over 30 sales KPIs like market share change, variance, evolution index, penetration index etc.

Targeting and segmentation

Our segmentation tools and algorithms solution will help you know your target hospitals, GP practices and pharmacies along with their corporate structure and rule-based prioritisation of accounts to target. We segment your healthcare professionals by speciality, key opinion leaders, affiliation, behaviour, etc. Our geo-mapping of HCOs and HCPs allows us to facilitate planning, monitoring and reporting to enhance your team’s activities.

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Commercial insights consulting

Power your market access and sales strategy by analysing the formulary and guidance status of generic molecules, brands, and competitors. Redesign and enhance your communication to a targeted audience. Understand your competitive brands, targeted across primary and secondary care organisations. Integrate the patient flow, sales volume and SFE activities to optimise your commercial strategy.

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Enriched Therapeutic analysis

We help you understand where opportunities are by analysing thousands of data points aligned with your business goals and rules. Our tools and algorithms seek the insights that provide you with a competitive edge. Our insights are generated by the organisation and healthcare professional, allowing you to focus your omni resources accordingly. We suggest the next best actions and priority actions for the organisation and healthcare professional.

By analysing disease incidence, population demographics, sales, competitor status, commissioning positioning, formulary and prescribing guidance drug status, HCP and CRM contact history, and health service resources, we build for your team an insights platform which supports local health service action and implementation.

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