How does Commercial Pharma align to NHS guidance opportunities?

Formulary Analytics enables companies to be agile and increasingly aligned with ‘their NHS customers. Non-alignment of your product across formulary and guidance status creates scenarios that reduce sales, increase prescriber and payer frustration and can lead to a patient post-code lottery of care.   Formulary and Guidance reviews are carried out at different times, in some instances compounding the local situation of product formulary inclusion but not addressed in local therapy area guidance. Formulary Analytics alerts these situations allowing your teams to proactively have conversations with the right stakeholders at the right time.


Navigating the NHS stakeholders to achieve successful win-win outcomes is fraught with obstacles and frustrated by different healthcare structures, processes and scattered information. Take the case of aligning local formulary inclusion with therapy area guidelines and pharma market access team resources. Too often, we see misalignments resulting in conflicting patient care outcomes.

Formulary Analytics:

Allot has developed its Formulary Analytics tool using data science techniques which provide insights to identify product alignment opportunities, own and competitor product formulary and guidance positioning. Harvesting both structured and unstructured data with live links to the originator data sources including STP/CCG /Trust formulary data.  Our engineers can rapidly produce cost-effective solutions from which 3600 analytics provide insights which inform business decisions: –

  • Formulary review timings, Product and local Guidance Status and sub-optimal alignment
  • Alert priorities based on your business rules
  • Assess your products, competitor brands and pricing  to be  more agile with customers
  • Prioritise Sales and Account level opportunities with greater insight into primary and secondary care organisations and customers.
  • Identify payer organisation opportunities.

In the COVID19 digitised age, NHS customers want a more active, integrated and aligned Pharma engagement with NHS therapy area goals. Formulary Analytics can inform that conversation.

How this puzzle can be improved:

In isolation, Formulary Analytics is a piece of the jigsaw. The jigsaw is complete when it is integrated with: –

  • Targeting and Segmentation
  • Omni-channel Salesforce Effectiveness
  • Sales Analytics
  • Your Field Teams and Resources
  • Payers and Providers
  • NHS Teams, Stakeholders and Patients


Historically, commercial organisations have integrated these channels with various degrees of success. The advent of AI, ML and data science techniques alongside the availability of Formulary Analytics data empowers businesses to deploy their field resources to market opportunities rapidly.

Want to understand more, and learn if our approach, methods and vision can help you achieve your goals?  – Please get in touch.