Field Force Analytics

Empowering Pharmaceuticals to launch drugs with the power of Field Force Analytics

Introducing a drug in the market is a complex, time consuming and cost intensive process. Allot’s field force analytics solution helped this pharma organisation in targeting HCPs, territory analysis, understanding HCP behaviour, call analysis and salesforce effectiveness. Our agile approach and cloud-based solution empowered the managers to take corrective actions before it spirals out of control.

About the Client

The client is a $2 billion global pharmaceutical services company. Their business centres on providing drug development services and contract sales services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drugs and medical device companies. Their commercial division helps pharmaceutical companies launch new drugs by managing field force operations and prescriber ecosystem.


The client’s commercial division was launching a new drug in the European market on behalf of a pharmaceutical company and needed a clear picture of the effectiveness of the field force (KAMs). They required a system to display all key metrics about their field force in a consolidated platform.

The client also agreed to provide the pharmaceutical company with near real-time field force achievement data but lacked the system to do so. This undermined their SLA and meant they urgently needed a solution to support their agreement.

Moreover, the client was unable to generate advanced analytics such as frequency, coverage, account analysis, territory analysis, and geo-analytics. Their system heavily relied on manual activities such as using multiple spreadsheets to track call quality and KAM activity. These procedures were time-consuming and provided no reliability, as workers manually compiled the data and checked for errors.


The client needed an easy-to-use system that could deliver key metrics efficiently. To provide a cost-effective solution that met their requirements, Allot developed key modules around Call Analysis, Territory Analysis, Account Analysis, Procedure Analysis, Time-on & Time-off Analysis and KPIs – such as call rate, coverage, and frequency.

The Call Analysis displays the number of calls that have been made by each KAM and can organise the information by month, quarter and year. It also displays the type of call (e.g. 1-2-1 or meeting) and if the call involved detailing or sampling. The frequency module offers a map in which each HCP is represented by a colour coded dot to show the number of calls made per HCP. The data collected can be filtered by month, quarter and YTD, along with the comparison of territories for further analysis.


Allot used a powerful cloud-based data visualisation layer, built using Qlik Technology, that enables users to discover meaningful information and bring data to life with interactive

charts, maps and dashboards. The visualisation layer extracted data directly from their CRM and Veeva Systems, removing the need for any manual intervention.

Allot also implemented its field force analytics data model for data collection and analysis. By adding this solution to the cloud, we helped deliver a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go model that can be accessed on both desktops and iPads. The ability to use the solution on an iPad was a key requirement, as the sales managers often need to examine the information while on the go.


Allot’s solution helped the client save time by eliminating manual data entry and increased accessibility, as managers now had key metrics at their fingertips. The time to generate reports decreased from 15 days to near real-time and the managers were able to monitor the progress of sales activity from anywhere.

The client could now easily display important figures on field force activity to their customer with accuracy and confidence.

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